Mad Martigan


Little is known about the man known as Mad Martigan. He is a recluse living in a great tower in Chalol Forest. He has stolen the Sacred Chalice from the Motaki Gnoll tribe for reasons that are as of yet unknown. He seems to be quite mad. What he says is usually random nonsense. His Keep is filled with bizarre traps and puzzles that reflect on his sanity.

He has a thing for cabbages.

The Keep

Mad Martigan makes his home in Mad Martigan’s Keep, a square tower which rises hundreds of feet into the air. The Keep is surrounded by a moat of acid in which a number of magic acid-resistant man-eating porpoises reside.

Within the Keep the laws of science and magic are subject to the whims of its creator. Within the Keep the impossible becomes a reality.

The Keep contains an extensive library, in which the party discovered the Book of Demogorge.

Mad Martigan

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