Book of Demogorge

The Book

Within Mad Martigan’s Keep, the party found a vast library. Lying open on a table in the middle of the room was a book titled The Book of Demogorge. Only a few pages could be made out. They read:

The Days Before Life

Long, long ago, the world was a perfect and beautiful place. Life had not yet begun. The only beings that existed in this utopia were Fred, the God of Life, Boccob, the God of Magic and Demogorge, God of Death and Destruction. For time unrecalled, Fred and Demogorge waged fierce battle against each other, with neither being able to gain any advantage over the other, with Boccob remaining on the side, observing it all.

Then, one day, Demogorge found a means to draw from the power of Boccob and refine aspects of himself into new, separate gods. He created an army for himself, a horde of gods composed of worst aspects of being. Before this great Fred could do naught but flee.

For many years Fred was forced into hiding, while Demogorge and his legions ravaged the land. Fred was able to learn the means through which Demogorge has created these new gods, and began to undertake the process himself. Fred rose his army to once again do battle with Demogorge. Gods of Song, of Love, of Beauty and of Bravery fought against Gods of Greed, of Rage, of Tyranny and of Hate. And all the while, the world around them burned.

Fred and Demogorge each turned to the power of Boccob again and again, creating more and more new Gods to swell their armies. With each new God that was created, Boccobs power was weakened even more. Boccob knew that, if allowed to continue their ways, Fred and Demogorge would drain him of all his power, wiping his from existance before bringing about the complete destruction of the world they fought upon. However, Boccob had no way to keep Fred and Demogorge from usurping his power… save one.

Boccob prepared a great enchantment of vast scale. With it, he bound the powers of the Gods, new and old, together. When each and all were linked, he opened a great rift in the air. One by one, the Gods were pulled through this great rift, out of this Mortal Plane and into those beyond, until again the Elder Gods Fred, Demogorge and Boccob were alone. But even their power was not enough to withstand the great rift, and they too were pulled through as well, Fred and Demogorge still locked in combat and Boccob silently resigned to his fate.

When Boccob, the last of them all, passed through the great rift it was shut closed, barring the way for the Gods to return to this world. However, the spell proved to hold consequences that Boccob had not foreseen. When each God had passed through the rift a spark of their greatness was left behind. Each of these sparks was a form of life. Each of them, be they good or evil, grew forth into one of the creatures of the world we know today.

Take heed, ye who has read these words. Know ye that what can be done can too be undone. A great rift was created to exile the gods from this world, but some day one may be created to return them to it. On such a day, may They have mercy on our poor souls.

Book of Demogorge

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