Comrade Campaign

Onward to Adventure!

The sessions begins just after the party’s victory over the mercenary band Hooded Justice. Greg took the signature cloak from the body of Io Fenton before mutilating the corpse and throwing it down into the acid moat filled with sharks surrounding the keep. There was no trace of Yaga’s body, except a faint glowing mist above the surface of the acid. Suddenly a body fell from the sky, landing in front of the party. It was Tim the wizard, who had recently been kidnapped by the Air Pirates and was being set loose. Ashleigh, having also been temporarily taken by the pirates, felt a bond with Tim and invited him to join the party on their adventures. Tim accepted the offer. The party returned the stolen Sacred Chalice of the Motaki Gnoll tribe which garnered a large amount of gratitude from the gnolls. Their shaman Quizbo Barthon instructed the party to visit Galin the druid before leaving the forest. Upon reaching Galin’s hut, the druid was waiting for them in the front, saying that he had been expecting them, though they were earlier than he’d anticipated. Galin let on that he knew a great deal about the crystals and the ritual of Engh’Na, and also about the party themselves. Galin also revealed to the party that while they were in the town of Williamette it was under a time dilation effect, making it so that while for them only a few weeks had passed on their journey, the rest of the world had moved ahead three years. Galin told them that in that time much had happened in the land. The dwarf king Chuck Hammers had been deposed by the duergar warrior Torgo Ungart through rites of single combat. With Torgo leading the dwarves the contact between the citadel and the outside towns had ceased. With this the town of Partucale was deprived of their greatest military allies, and was threatened to break out between Partucale and the gnome stronghold of Fort Neblim. Galin urged the adventurers to go to the Dwarven Citadel, to help set things right in the land. However the party was distrustful of the mysterious druid since he refused to reveal how he knew so much about what was going on, and instead set forth to Partucale to meet with Martigan’s associate, Edgeworth. The party attempted to get into Partucale through the town’s front gate, but due to the heightened security from the looming war only those with proper authorization could get into the city. Frank West donned the purloined Hooded Justice cloak and attempted to get into the city by passing for one of its members, but raised some suspicion with the guard, who then set off the fetch Colonel Kragg. Before the guard could return a suicide gnome bomber appeared, blowing down one of the entrance gate’s walls and giving the adventures a chance to escape. The party slew the gnome and regrouped in the woods near the city, planning to find a new means of entrance. The party found a sewer drain leading into the city. Within there was a chamber that was surprisingly clean considering it was in the heart of a decrepit sewer, and seemed as though it had been used as someone’s living quarters. Towards the exit from the sewers the party encountered The Decay, an otyugh who had lain dormant for 700 years, festering among the masses of filth in the sewer. Thousands of new forms of sickness and disease had brewed within, and now The Decay was ready to arise and unleash its blight upon the world, spreading ceaselessly into a pestilent wasteland. The party readied for a battle against The Decay… only for a bulette to burst through the wall and swallow The Decay whole. The party quickly dispatched the bulette and entered into Partucale.


The Events Thus Far
Catching you all up on what's come to pass.

The events of Comrade Campaign thus far:

Our adventure begins in the town of Williamette, where a group of adventurers meet for their high school reunion. They are:

  • Tear, a human cleric. The latest in a long line of renowned clerics and paladins.
  • “Curious” Ashleigh, a human monk who was exiled from his monastery due to his burgeoning affection for his teacher, Abbott Costello.
  • Greg, a schizophrenic half-orc whose current personality is a fighter.
  • Frank West, a human ranger who’s covered wars, you know.
  • Honeyflake, a half-orc barbarian on the run from a brutal captor.
  • Rimbaldi, a human paladin looking for a means to support his growing family.

The party of adventures entered into Williamette together, having met along the road and swapping stories and growing closer together. However, upon arrival in Williamette they could see that something was terribly wrong. The population of Williamette was no more, having been replaced by hordes of shambling corpses.

Our group of adventurers began exploring the town, and within the courtroom of City Hall they learned a bit of the events that had brought Williamette to the state it was in through Lester’s Journal.

The party found their way into the church of Pelor, in which they found a secret passageway beneath the altar. Before they could descend further, “Curious” Ashleigh was scooped up by a band of air pirates, leaving the others to continue on alone. They discovered a network of tunnels and vast underground caverns beneath the church, at the heart of which they discovered the source of the zombies, a mysterious orb radiating waves of sheer dread guarded by a fierce gargoyle. After defeating the gargoyle Rimbaldi smashed the orb, destroyed the zombies but also transforming him into a dark,twisted carricature of a human being. He laughed evilly and then vanished in a puff of smoke.

The party began on their way back through Chalol Forest on their way to Partucale. On their way they were ambushed by the Motaki Gnoll tribe, drugged, and captured. While unconscious, the Motaki’s shaman placed a curse on the adventurers. The Sacred Chalice of the Motaki tribe had been stolen by Mad Martigan, and if the adventurers would attempt to leave Chalol Forest before it was returned to its rightful owners they would die a slow and horrific death.

The party found their way to Mad Martigan’s Keep where they met a stranded human sorcerer by the name of Roscoe Goodbarrel. He has been employed as a wagon protector, but the wagon was ransacked by bandits who killed the others and left Roscoe for dead. Lost and with little provisions, he found his way to Mad Martigan’s Keep and was seeking a way in when the other adventurers arrived. After an attempt to parlay with Martigan proved useless, the party found a way into the Keep. After passing through the Keep’s various and bizarre puzzles and traps, our adventurers now stand before Martigan’s sanctuary, prepared for an epic confrontation.


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